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Approach to succeed by identifying itself closely with the client and involving itself day to day in clients’ operation. It has learned through long experience that cultural differences are real and must be understood thoroughly if the changes that our clients and our organization want to see are to be achieved. SDS is patient, but determined, committed to innovation but respectful of the contexts in to which new ideas are to be introduced. It knows that every successful assignment is really a joint venture. SDS is itself a learning organization, unlocking the capabilities of its own people.

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Social Development Service (SDS)

Head Office Address :     West Balighata, Post: Panchbibi, District: Joypurhat.

Phone: 0571-75111,

Mobile: 01711-054796, 01913-365957, 01917-760570

E-mail: sds_aysha@yahoo.com

Contact Persons :     Ayesha Akter (Executive Director)