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Detailed Profile


Social Development Service (SDS)


1.      Name of Organization       :     Social Development Service (SDS)


  1. Head Office Address :     West Balighata, Post: Panchbibi

District: Joypurhat.


  1. Liaison Office :     Joypurhat Sadar (Biswas Para)

Joypurhat, Bangladesh


  1. Branch Office Address :     (1)  Biswas Para. Joypurhat,

(2) Kalai. Joypurhat,

(3) Porsha. Naogaon


  1. Contract Details :     Phone: 0571-75111

                                                  Mobile: 01711-054796, 01913-365957

E-mail: sds_aysha@yahoo.com


  1. Contact Persons :     Ayesha Akter

Executive Director


  1. Legal Status of the organization:



         Social Development Service (SDS) is registered with the following authorities:-



S.N Registration Authority Reg. No. Date
1 Dept. of Social Welfare Joy-274/2001 23.10.2001
2 NGO Affairs Bureau 2620 26.01.2011
3 Department Of Youth Development Joypur-116 30-03-2009

 8. Background of the Establishment:

  Social Development Service (SDS) is a non-profit, non-partisan development organization located at Several district of north Bengal in Bangladesh working for the grassroots by initiating different development interventions covering the wider section of grass root, tribal and untouchable section at different Upazilas and district in North Bengal.It is looming catastrophe of poverty, injustice and rights-abuse in the communities of Joypurhat district in Bangladesh that keep resource poor people at the risk of vulnerability and pessimism causing imbroglios and violence. Women and the untouchable sections are always being the victims of such awful malaise extravagantly happened by tyrannies, trespassing and extortion of affluent section, demagogues and the like that significantly jeopardize rights and livelihoods of the resource poor. Resource scarcity, unemployment and poverty caused by recurring draught and disaster are causing economic fragility and subsequently making socio-economy bleak. Dearth of awareness and opportunities are resulting in injustice and discriminations that makes livelihoods complete fiasco. Penury, transmigration and chaos are the common place that customarily being happened in the resource poor section resulting in the stagnancy of development moves. The more there is such penury the larger is the social imbroglios causing the women and untouchable section more vulnerable. Women of the section are always undergoing much sufferings of violence and victimization as they are almost illiterate and naiveté, they neither involve in development moves nor do they realize basic rights and empowerment. Service institutions are not so instrumental to create the progressive elimination in favor of the section. Civil society groups are always keeping their eyes rolled. Reducing such frivolous malaise, an attempt is certainly an exigency of the moment. An initiative is much indispensable to get them aware of their rights based opportunities. And a platform is also needed to patronize them for taking an unequivocal stand on point of their progressive eliminations.  Contemplating such endeavors some devoted social activists, with their fervid effort, intend to institutionalize themselves as the development practitioners to escape the blues of the society through providing a very meaningful support. And thus the 8th July 2000 saw the birth of an organization in name of Social Development Service (SDS) at West Balighata of Panchbibi Upazila in Joypurhat district, Bangladesh

8. Prime Goal:

SDS intends to create an environment of unity, order and cooperation, and carry out welfare and development activities to the interest of the disadvantaged women and children irrespective of religion, class, caste and creed. The organization will carry out its activities with the assistance of domestic and foreign organizations keeping with the guidance principles, rules and regulations of the concerned authority


         Brought out the disadvantaged women and children to be resources by ensuring knowledge, platform, leadership, and income through various employment schemes, education, and self employment, also promote disadvantaged women and children stair in right places in terms of social respect and dignity


The most vulnerable disadvantaged women & children of Bangladesh are free from poverty and deprivation, living with self-respect and enjoying peace and social justice

 12. Organizational Strategy:

Approach to succeed by identifying itself closely with the client and involving itself day to day in clients’ operation. It has learned through long experience that cultural differences are real and must be understood thoroughly if the changes that our clients and our organization want to see are to be achieved. SDS is patient, but determined, committed to innovation but respectful of the contexts in to which new ideas are to be introduced. It knows that every successful assignment is really a joint venture. SDS is itself a learning organization, unlocking the capabilities of its own people.


  1. Objectives of the organization:


  • To provide support for improved sanitation facilities and ensure safe water and Pipe to the people of disaster prone area
  • To empower the poor and disadvantaged women, adolescents and children for their rights by providing training, awareness building etc
  • To eradicate illiteracy, Adult education and continuing education
  • To create facilities for exploring and mobilizing of local resources
  • To provide credit facilities for income generation activities for poverty alleviation and economic development of the disadvantaged
  • To aware the women about gender discrimination and development
  • To build women leadership and enhance their dignity, power and status in their family and society
  • To take steps against women abuse, trafficking and tortures, conduct campaign on the issue, raise voice against injustices done to them and give legal support where necessary
  • To promote environmental awareness for maintaining ecological balance
  • To establish network building so that the disadvantaged get benefits from government and other non-government agencies.
  • To provide skill and customized training to the staffs and disadvantaged people on; homestead gardening, plant nursery, poultry, cow rearing, goat rearing, cow fattening, pond fish culture, integrated agriculture, sustainable agriculture practices, leadership, water and sanitation, coping with disaster situation  health hazard, nutrition, sewing etc.


  1. Major Activities:

SDS was worked as development activities, social services undertaken by the organization since its inception. From the point of view of conception, objective and mission – vision. SDS, is undoubtedly, specialized in women empowerment. The organization emerged as a champion of women empowerment. It is till pioneering the just causes of the oppressed and tortured women. All its activities center round women. Another striking approach of SDS is that it prefers working at disaster prone areas of Bangladesh. The project activities are conducted for up-gradation of economic and social status of the deprived and disadvantaged women. The major activities of the organization are given below:


  • Education
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Disability development
  • Tribal population development
  • Human Rights and Good Governance
  • Women development through resource mobilization
  • Disaster Management and Relief & Rehabilitation
  • Anti- Tobacco Movement program,


  • Agriculture
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • Livestock
    • Food Security
    • Environmental
  • Income Generation
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Capacity Building
  • Group Formation
  • Awareness Raising & Motivation
  • IGA
  • Cultural Program( Folk song / Stage Show /Theater/Band Show)
  • Arsenic Mitigation
  • Training for skill &human resource development (staff & Beneficiaries)
  • Pipe water supply at village level
  • Elimination of Child labor
  • Survey of drinking water manage
  1. Previous Project followed in support with different donors.
    • Anti- Tobacco Movement program supported by WBB Trust.
  • Empowerment of Adolescent Girls Project supported by South Asia Partnership (SAP)- Bangladesh.
  • Water and sanitation supported by NGO Forum.
  • Life-skills development and employability creation supported by organizational fund and NGO foundation.
  • Gender development and women violence prevention supported by Durbar Network.
  • Women and child rights supported by child sight Foundation.
  • Rights and good governance supported by Durbar Network.
  • Mother & child health care support with Bangladesh NGO Foundation.
  • Health, HIV/AIDS support with Bangladesh NGO Foundation ,Health Ministry and organizational fund.
  • Development of tribal people: Life-skills development of the tribal population such as Handicraft production and training for grass root and tribal women and adolescent girls, Poultry, Cow and got rearing and pre-primary education supported by NGO Foundation and organizational fund.
  • Disability development supported by organizational fund and Jatio Protibondhi Unnayan Foundation.
  • Non-formal and quality education program supported by BRAC, World Bank, GOV.
  • Sustainable agriculture and agro-based income generation. Irrigation and Water management supported by Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogra.
  • Environment friendly cooker supported by GTZ.
  • Pre-primary school program –funded by Human Development Foundation and Bangladesh NGO Foundation.
  • Strengthening Civil Society Coalitions support and promote Governance and Accountability at the Local level supported by USAID-PROGATI.
  • Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) supported by Department of Women Affairs.
  • Institution development and capacity building in support with organizational fund.
  • Technology development and dissemination support with organizational fund.


  1. Present Project followed in support with different donors.
    • Non-formal and quality education program supported by BRAC,
    • Disability development supported by Jatio Protibondhi Unnayan Foundation,
    • Tribal population development supported by Bangladesh NGO Foundation,
    • Disaster Protection supported by Asian Resource Foundation (ARF) & SDS.
    • Gender relation and sensitivity supported by Department of Women Affairs.
    • Technology development , Computer & Mobile Servicing Training supported by Department Of Youth Development, AGE Concern & organizational fund.
    • Health, HIV/AIDS support with Bangladesh NGO Foundation & Health Ministry .
    • Life-skills development and employability creation supported by organizational fund and NGO foundation
    • Vulnerable Group Development(VGD) supported by Department of Women Affairs.
    • Sustainable agriculture and agro-based income generation. Irrigation and Water management supported by Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogra.


  • Rights and good governance supported by Khan foundation
  • Climate change supported by Oxfam
  1. Management Structure:

         The Executive body of SDS is consisted of 7 (seven) members headed by the Chairperson. The Executive Body is elected by the General body members in its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a period of two years term. The Executive body is responsible for the overall management aspects of the Organization. The Executive body prepares annual report as regards to the overall performance of the organization and presents the report to the General body in the Annual General Meeting (AGM). AGM takes place once in a year and all the General body members participate in this meeting. The Executive body meets at least 4 times in a year. This body is allowed to meet on emergency at any time it deems necessary. The problems and issues as regard to the on going program activities are discussed in this meeting and necessary recommendations are made to solve the operational problems of the organization.


  1. Staff Strength of the organization:


         SDS has an organized set of manpower. The personnel of SDS are posted at head, district, upazilla, union and village level to work in close contact with the stakeholder and beneficiaries. The number of permanent full time and part time staff of SDS is given below:


Category Male Female Total
Management Staffs 04 02 06
Mid Level 03 02 05
Field Staffs 14 12 26
Total = 37
Voluntary  Staffs 10 08 18
Grand Total = 55



  1. Organizational Organogram of SDS:


SDS has a high range organizational management structure for smooth implementation of different types of activities. This Organogram are maintained the head, project level offices and project activities.




  1. Experience in Training Program Activities:

SDS has a Training Section of its own located in its office to conduct Human development and leadership training for the members of Local Elected Bodies, community leaders, personnel of SDS, other local & national NGOs, POs, CBOs, Development Agencies, stakeholders and even for GOB personnel.


The human resources are developed and engineered by training, sharing and orientation. There are different aspects of training. Different components have different training programs on different issues and areas with different categories of beneficiary and stakeholders.


Training on Human Development


         The following trainings on human development were given to the beneficiaries:

  • Gender relation and sensitivity
  • Organization and Development
  • Safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Health, Nutrition and Sanitation
  • Leadership and Group Development
  • Legal Counseling
  • Accounts and Record keeping
  • Trafficking of Women & Children
  • Human Rights and Women Development
  • Creating opportunities for betterment of livelihood
  • Primary Health Care and Family Planning
  • Poverty Elimination
  • Federation Development
  • Law of Inheritance and Property Right
  • Primary Health Care
  • Development movement and management of the villages
  • Construction of community centre by villagers using own local resources
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation meeting etc.
  • Teachers Training on developed methodology, approach and practice
  • Training on Peoples Organization Development
  • Agriculture and Social Forestry
  • Leadership Development & Droop-in Center Management Training
  • Human Resource Development & Personnel Management
  • Financial Planning & Management of Development Organization
  • Risk Analysis & Delinquency Management.
  • Organizational Capacity Building
  • Women Leadership and Empowerment
  • Environmental Management program
  • PRA & RRA Training
  • Women Empowerment and Leadership Development
  • Disaster Management
  • Produce Marketing and Promotion
  • Financial Management & Reporting System
  • Communication and presentation
  • Health Education, Water & Sanitation, Formation of Community Group



  1. Skill training:


SDS is also providing skill development training to the beneficiaries for creating their family based project and income. During  the last five years the organization provided training on homestead gardening, nursery development, sustainable agriculture, poultry, goat and cow rearing, pond fish cultivation, integrated agriculture, handicrafts, sewing and tailoring, coir, paposh, mora, mat making. These trainings were provided under the project “Education project” provided by the different donors. The training courses are on sewing, tailoring, handicrafts for the female children and plumbing, electronics & electrical, automobiles engineering etc for male. The project has been implementing with the assistance of different donor.


         SDS since its inception in 2003 to till date has been conducting TOT, CD & MF Capacity Building Training smoothly and efficiently as IGA for the Local and National Level project and NGOs personnel


  1. Support Services of SDS:


  1. Procurement of Equipment Services:


         SDS has the practical experience of procurement of goods and equipment’s, expert service for its different projects with GOB agencies and other organizations where procurement is necessary. SDS also has the experience to procure things by quality and Cost-based Selection procedure in accordance with Bangladesh Public Procurement Regulations 2008.


  1. Logistic Resources with training and other facilities:


  1. Training Center:


         SDS has a professional and modernized training center at head office and upazilla level offices engaged for appropriate knowledge and skill for Human Resource Development and Organizational Capacity Building. Having Management Consultants, Professional Trainers, Process Facilitators, Media Planners. Training center of SDS has vision to ensure free flow of knowledge and information for the head office staff and field level project personnel, stakeholders, target groups and beneficiaries.


         SDS has well furnished and modernized mini training centers at its different project offices of different areas in Bangladesh for successful implementation of need based skill development training programs.


  1. ii)       Trainers and Resource Persons:

SDS has a good number of skilled trainers and resource persons having different disciplines for conducting the various types of training courses. SDS trainers are professionally well -trained and have ten to twenty five years experience in the field of training. Beside SDS invites resource persons to contribute to its training courses from time to time. There are many skilled trainers / resource persons who are providing need based training to the project staff/personnel, stakeholders, target beneficiaries and other NGO workers at different locations.


  1. Module and Manual developed:


It has been mentioned earlier that SDS published some important training modules. The relevant copies of these modules are made available in the Head and Upazilla offices. Other materials are collected by the branch offices, according to their need.


  1. Networks:


It operates program’s within the good Ties with civil society, Government counterparts, international agencies, social elite, extension of networking, field level workforce, community participation and local governance/local electoral bodies with having Membership Networks with the entities followed.


  • Durbar Network- Nari Pakkha, Dhaka.
  • Nari Uddyog Kendra (NUK), Dhaka.
  • Child Sight Foundation, Dhaka.
  • Compaing for Popular Education (CAMPE)
  • Bangladesh ECD Network
  • Jatyio Protibondhi Foundation, Dhaka.
  • South Asia Social Forum
  • GWA
  • STI/AIDS Network of Bangladesh
  • CSRL Oxfam
  • SUPRO-Campaign for Good Governance
  • RTI Network Manusher jonno foundation
  • WBB Trust
  • Tamak Birodi Nari Jot






                                                      Contact Address

Ayesha Akter

Executive Director

Social Development Service (SDS)

West Balighata, Post: Panchbibi, District: Joypurhat.

E-mail: sds_aysha@yahoo.com

Phone: +88 01711-054796, 01913-365957





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Social Development Service (SDS)

Head Office Address :     West Balighata, Post: Panchbibi, District: Joypurhat.

Phone: 0571-75111,

Mobile: 01711-054796, 01913-365957, 01917-760570

E-mail: sds_aysha@yahoo.com

Contact Persons :     Ayesha Akter (Executive Director)