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If a group of people are united and having leadership with development concepts than that group have capability to undertake any development activities with success efforts. On that idea SDS is developing development groups with the backward people and is introducing self confidence of socio-economic development. SDS is providing leadership training and concept on planning and targeted goal then forming development groups. Each group consist of 20/30 people, inception to total number of the development groups are 62. Group member are sitting for weekly development meeting.

For each and every income based activities need capital and if the capital is own then it has more sincerity for the benefits. Poor people are not capable to create their capital at a time but have scope to do small saving day by day and create a capital to undertake some income based activities. Individual saving could not support a program but by the group saving it could be possible. By the slogan “saving brings the prosperity” organization aware and giving motivation the targeted people towards saving mentality. Inception to 1247 poor men and women are under saving program and they are doing saving regularly.

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