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Back ground

Social Development Service (SDS) is a non-profit, non-partisan development organization located at several district of north Bengal in Bangladesh working for the grassroots by initiating different development interventions covering the wider section of grass root, tribal and untouchable section at different Upazilas and district in North Bengal.

It is looming catastrophe of poverty, injustice and rights-abuse in the communities of Joypurhat district in Bangladesh that keep resource poor people at the risk of vulnerability and pessimism causing imbroglios and violence. Women and the untouchable sections are always being the victims of such awful malaise extravagantly happened by tyrannies, trespassing and extortion of affluent section, demagogues and the like that significantly jeopardize rights and livelihoods of the resource poor. Resource scarcity, unemployment and poverty caused by recurring draught and disaster are causing economic fragility and subsequently making socio-economy bleak. Dearth of awareness and opportunities are resulting in injustice and discriminations that makes livelihoods complete fiasco. Penury, transmigration and chaos are the common place that customarily being happened in the resource poor section resulting in the stagnancy of development moves. The more there is such penury the larger is the social imbroglios causing the women and untouchable section more vulnerable. Women of the section are not always undergoing much suffering of violence and victimization as they are almost illiterate and naiveté, they involve in neither development moves nor do they realize basic rights and empowerment. Service institutions are not so instrumental to create the progressive elimination in favor of the section. Civil society groups are always keeping their eyes rolled. Reducing such frivolous malaise, an attempt is certainly an exigency of the moment. An initiative is much indispensable to get them aware of their rights based opportunities. And a platform is also needed to patronize them for taking an unequivocal stand on point of their progressive eliminations. Contemplating such endeavors some devoted social activists, with their fervid effort, intend to institutionalize themselves as the development practitioners to escape the blues of the society through providing a very meaningful support. And thus the 8th July 2000 saw the birth of an organization in name of Social Development Service (SDS) at West Balighata of Panchbibi Upazila in Joypurhat district, Bangladesh

SDS has an approved constitution with a strong governing body. The general committee consisted of 25 members and it has the supreme authority. They have the authority to approve the project/program and all kind of planning. An executive committee consisted of 07 members, elected by the general committee for 03 years. Executive committee is responsible to execute any program and activities, planning and implementing as per objectives and goals. Executive director is appointed by both the committee. She is responsible person to implement all the projects and the program. She has the power to act as the contact person to communicate with donors and all other government or non-government departments for any contractual obligations; all staffs are reportable to her.

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Social Development Service (SDS)

Head Office Address :     West Balighata, Post: Panchbibi, District: Joypurhat.

Phone: 0571-75111,

Mobile: 01711-054796, 01913-365957, 01917-760570

E-mail: sds_aysha@yahoo.com

Contact Persons :     Ayesha Akter (Executive Director)